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06-23-2017, 08:29 AM
If it's on your skin it's in you - Renny Doyle
Full article --> http://tinyurl.com/y7uf8jlr (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftinyurl.com%2Fy7uf8jlr&h=ATOODDcb4Qz6_KWJdJXvlN5z4bQt7FJCE98r0Wr22N-ok3fXk44RA2IUNQmac7N6LLgLjxMlJw3sK8oJ38D5dCaDhcL6H HgpLHbjMmX7ORUboqSrGL0av1_gPhokHOCu5yDUpgwm2B5S2xl ylpiq&enc=AZMkkRMhye9xcsMbH66SrNCGGzkAdblqwhP58AwL3yKqvl 3MMdZzn3AC4ZsFaU2qg0KWvAnEGdi_760m0AQkB6sK9-Fw6_kMKMrVgR4gYUABBgmSJNbVPWd0jqF3sT3DLe8kACc1Y46_ rfRUU8EZo5pENux83YA_euGXeV_yiuWnJzKGcL1qydOA_JPZhj 0k9xtqLJZXmgHt2AUG93WZWhX_&s=1)
My good friend Renny Doyle has a saying that I use all the time to educate people on health safety because what he says is true. I also always give due credit where credit is due....
If it's on your skin it's in you - Renny Doyle
I used to not wear gloves all the time but now anytime time I'm using any of the products that use some form of advanced chemistry, (like coatings), I try to always wear gloves.
I don't know what's inside all these hi-tech products that last and last and last.... but whatever it is I don't what it inside of me.
Here's an example from a how-to article I wrote last year where I'm going to have my hands ALL OVER a convertible top spreading and working a chemical called into the weave of the cloth top.... I don't know what's in Ciba Tinuvin but I certainly don't want it in me - I want it on my convertible top though...
In fact, if you read the below article I say the same thing in post #4
NEW Haartz/RaggTopp Convertible Top Brush - How to clean and protect a convertible top
Link--> http://tinyurl.com/ycs3gd6h (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftinyurl.com%2Fycs3gd6h&h=ATMQ8j0lRDwA2-Ro1DyLoEOrQjtRMXEH6oltvH_PPWbhslJN1OTh2YGhR2sIRH1O FEgAmi3Q8-N2WaIaZn_LBAcAYSAy7qboAIZPL3Nua9xsn9Lq0Hiq0ldbQZXH ttFgtEUqfK8bH5W2zUl6H-wx&enc=AZOMjctmbfrtF25drJTzKtHWpTDTl5iSyzIFrv8MxcyDJD F9mgWXC681JY8x_4ezMaSeQjcTR9HNt46QgDggYl3xzrIfGbmD RRB4--vzQDfHdlnMXPjYvBZ1V677Kb22zQh-kyviUkP_XlA8pt4BzkNbLpwwq7O8n2AwtDyzelEcLcp3SPW7QH fG5UxABSIOv3kQn0nnJn4jOx11eYnfaj_b&s=1)
The pictures are just a few from the article but there a more pictures in the article showing the COMPLETE process.
Here's a tip...
Order a size larger than you would normally wear as it makes putting the gloves on faster and easier, especially if it's hot out and you're sweating. In most cases the glove will still be snug around your finger tips and that's all you need for most types of work. I wear the XL size gloves so I get the XXL gloves to wear.
Get your gloves here
Read my FULL Article on how to wash, dry and protect a canvas top with RaggTopp here...
http://tinyurl.com/ycs3gd6h (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftinyurl.com%2Fycs3gd6h&h=ATM2cyegaB1v-ofsklLgIXZ6TSuJ0d9xadqvf0FWI0-8Q7zQtfOKMDMed-i8CwkZNfr-cHC0Xa68XaPOP0HLTNO4h72kw5fpaXWH4X6XSqR6hXKKvPwr4-KBchAECHfo3jrFJFMOH9l1PUj5En91&enc=AZORJPjd0e_oooOn65otemavXiTBuw0fgqwuYdIIqsulRn Kt60UIMZOzZzxMxZV2y6gIodQ_b1VXjW8SdfzVKwil1KluylRj V4OHIydpL5ETgJSojJAIEI-ozVR-QwTh_3E1bOptPV1oMozrQ-Fl9q0lk7aOF58SmgKSevExcqAMqS-lSOQhCFSvpS4Dh835tlldWJgzCN2K6k9nwgxSVRtR&s=1)
-Mike Phillips
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Cool info, thank you.

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