View Full Version : Competitive pricing - What you may not know....

Reon D
02-05-2015, 05:12 PM

Here at DaSilva Racing, we’re always looking to save you money and still allow you to make the upgrades you’d like to your vehicle.

As the dollar continues to sink, it becomes less and less feasible for you (the customer) to purchase from the United States because the exchange rate is a hard-hitting enemy. We would like to take the time to help you understand that our prices are being updated with current costs of exchange daily. We are constantly fighting to give you the best prices we can, while continuing to operate our business. We understand how difficult it is to build a vehicle on a limited budget so we price your builds out like we were funding them personally.

As a result, we typically price our items out lower than about 90% of our competition (including some very popular US Distributors). Please keep in mind that when you order online from the States, you’ll have the daily exchange rate AND Visa or Mastercard’s additional 2% for the conversion.

If, by chance, you find better pricing (other than sale or clearance pricing), please let us know and we’ll do our best to match or beat that pricing.

Here are a few more things to help you understand our service model.

- We offer packaged pricing for installation on items ordered through us. We do this because we honour loyalty and if we happen to find parts that are defective, getting replacements in is far easier when we have a paper trail of the order. If parts are supplied to us by our customer, all we can do is ask you to call the supplier and get a replacement coming.

- Additionally, if we ordered parts in and they happen to fail, we will be the first to go to bat for you. Right away! We do whatever it takes to bring the parts in for your car, ASAP!

- We like to support our local economy (personally). We make a habit of purchasing items of interest in Canada whenever possible.

Give us a call and let us help you build your vehicle at the best costs in Canada