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03-10-2014, 09:14 PM
Classified Protocols

- All items offered for sale must include an asking price (B/O + price is fine) + have a reasonable description listed. A title plus link to Kijiji or similar is not ok but yes the link can be included in your description. Price listed must make sense.

- If you are looking to trade parts for parts or perhaps vehicle for vehicle, no price is required but you must clearly state "Trade Only / Not For Sale".

- No retail / home business sales (as determined by TMC staff). Please contact us if you are a retail vendor looking to sponsor or advertise, we have options available.

- No "Feeler" or “Gauging Interest” posts. Either you want to sell the item or you don’t.

- Replies are turned OFF. Contact seller via pm system.

-Buying or selling of weapons that require a permit are not allowed. Same goes for items we all know are illegal to sell.

- Refrain from posting a TTT or bump more than once per 24 hour period.

- Personal profile must include your location to use the buy n sell (city or town is fine) .

- If you have a number of items for sale, group them into one or two larger ads.

-Selling of event tickets or similar, all ads must include a picture of the ticket (s) clearly showing their face value. The selling above their face value is not permitted.

-Trader feedback ratings can only be left on transactions that have been completed. No exceptions.

Please note, any disputes concerning TMC Member to Member transactions in the Buy and Sell Forums must be settled by the Members directly involved in the deal. TMC moderators / admins will not be available to mediate. We encourage you to use the iTrader feedback option to leave a positive or negative rating. Any mention of an unpleasant transaction, outside of the iTrader module, will result in the post or thread being deleted along with a warning issued.

- Have fun and good luck with your sale.