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New 22-04, 21:27
Exactly how it should be done.
New 22-04, 21:15
This is how I check them before pulling the dash
New 22-04, 21:14
If the evap temp sensor is accessible you could try and use a inspection camera and black light to get a look at the evap
New 22-04, 19:04
when i redid my AC in my 98, i got enough O Rings to do 10cars lol. The O Rings probably cost them under 5c so what's a couple extra lol.
New 22-04, 13:57
1988 factory Air. Bought an O-ring kit for it. Came with way more rings than I can see on the car. Maybe it was a generic kit
New 22-04, 13:56
I'm obsessed with my mustangs AC lately
New 22-04, 13:49
I had a problem with my civic where the clutch plate wasn’t engaging because the shims on the shaft expanded over time. Replaced the shims with thinner ones. AC worked fine after that
New 22-04, 09:47
I hope
New 22-04, 08:50
of leak at any exposed connection. Process of elimination - under dash.
New 22-04, 08:49
Was checked by dealer...they say its evap core. ZR recharged at begining of season last year, lasted a week maybe. Brought to dealer, the recharged and put dye in. Worked for a while and died. Put car away for winter. They checked again for leak, no sign
New 22-04, 08:44
So after about 20 mins of the engine being on does the clutch actually engage the compressor? Like does the clutch pull towards the AC so that it turns on?
New 22-04, 08:35
kinda a two-for -one deal??
New 22-04, 08:35
so Ford box comes with both?? Trying to put positive spin on
New 22-04, 08:34
Hey Rick, that box the evap core is in, is the heater core in there as well??
New 22-04, 08:34
But man.....not cheap....evap core.
New 22-04, 08:33
Guess i could just leave it but I want everything in working order.
New 22-04, 08:32
No work...recharge, works and goes dead. Leak. No leak seen and has to be under dash
New 22-04, 08:16
and what’s the problem with your AC?
New 22-04, 08:16
Getting heavy flurries
New 22-04, 08:05
hey mav. sorry to hear about the ac leak
New 22-04, 07:22
the dealer ran dye through it last sign of leak anywhere...just leaves under dash
New 22-04, 07:21
there are others.... one guy had 30k miles on his and same issue
New 22-04, 07:20
Good morning TMC
New 22-04, 07:18
Very odd problem to have on a clean low miler.
New 22-04, 07:16
New 22-04, 07:16
A/C getting done next Wednesday....not a cheap fix!!!
New 22-04, 07:15
hey Rick. Scrape and Xen
New 22-04, 07:12
Morning Rick and xen
New 22-04, 07:11
Morning Mav, Laurence n Xen.
New 22-04, 07:10
New 22-04, 07:04
Good Morning TMC!
New 22-04, 07:00
good morning all
New 22-04, 06:47
Good morning Martin and Suki.
New 22-04, 06:36
morning all
New 22-04, 04:58
Morning that is
New 22-04, 04:58
Good Monring
New 21-04, 12:23
New 21-04, 12:16
I hope you are ok Jack Raccoon.
New 21-04, 12:11
fell through the attic lol. next level...
New 21-04, 11:43
Most of the snow has already melted
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