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New 27-05, 21:31
What car are you bringing Gerry?
New 27-05, 20:37
Count me in too. I assume only one person per car. Not as much fun but that's okay. Glad to be going !
New 27-05, 19:32
I can't wait to attend the track day at TMP!
New 27-05, 12:38
Whole bunch of people make this happen, great group.
New 27-05, 10:32
That is great news! Look forward to seeing everyone on the 11th of June!
New 27-05, 09:15
Rick is the man
New 27-05, 08:37
You're welcome Rob, but I'm just the messenger. ZR does the heavy lifting getting these days set up, and then the rest of the TMC crew and members like you help make the day run smoothly.
New 27-05, 08:23
Ridiculously excited by that news. Thanks Stephen.
New 27-05, 08:09
To reduce contact at the gate, we are asking everyone to please call DaSilva's and pre register over the phone.
New 27-05, 08:01
Note to all attending, strict social distancing rules will apply.
New 27-05, 08:00
New 27-05, 08:00
cant wait .. will round up the guys
New 27-05, 07:32
June 11 TMP Roadcourse.
New 27-05, 07:32
It sure is.
New 27-05, 07:30
Is Track Day a go for June 11?
New 27-05, 07:30
Good morning TMC
New 27-05, 06:51
Track day is a go for June 11
New 27-05, 06:50
Good morning TMC
New 27-05, 06:50
Track day is a go for June 11
New 27-05, 06:45
Good morning TMC.
New 27-05, 06:08
and Good Morning TMC! Happy Hump Day.
New 27-05, 06:07
TMP is a GO everyone!
New 27-05, 06:07
Awesome stuff Gary. I love the Bullitt.
New 26-05, 18:45
Congrats G and E.
New 26-05, 18:25
The Bullitt made it to 1035 kms! Last Bullitt died at 1034!
New 26-05, 16:14
New 26-05, 15:50
I called DaSilva's and was told that the June 11 track day at TMP is still a go. If you haven't already booked your spot, please give them a call.
New 26-05, 11:46
Hey Laurance
New 26-05, 09:42
Good Morning Scott.
New 26-05, 09:41
Good Morning All
New 26-05, 08:11
New 26-05, 08:09
Ol Paint is running like a thoroughbred. Now all he needs are a few cosmetic touches to make him look like one.
New 26-05, 07:35
How is new and improved Ol' paint?
New 26-05, 07:35
Morning Stephen
New 26-05, 07:27
Good morning TMC
New 26-05, 07:10
Good Morning Suki and TMC!
New 26-05, 06:43


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