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New 20-08, 09:46
Loll tabarnak?!?!?! OH Manyou just brought back my quebec memories LoL
New 20-08, 08:46
steve, just switch to craft beers. After one or two you stop because of the price. Too expensive to drink 12.
New 20-08, 08:42
Beer o'clock mister.
New 20-08, 08:42
LOL nah for real... Maybe a glass of beer with a meal and that's it... not ever drinking like 10-12 beers in an evening anymore. lol
New 20-08, 08:41
fuck it. what time is it now?
New 20-08, 08:39
New 20-08, 08:36
...or noon
New 20-08, 08:32
Till tomorrow at least.
New 20-08, 07:48
I am done drinking... fini... tabarnak
New 20-08, 07:43
Morning Rick, Stephen and Ryan.
New 20-08, 07:31
Howdy mr.
New 20-08, 07:31
Good morning all
New 20-08, 07:31
Good morning TMC
New 20-08, 07:28
Good morning Laurence.
New 20-08, 06:55
Good Morning TMC!
New 19-08, 21:50
You rock.
New 19-08, 21:47
No problem! glad to help!
New 19-08, 21:45
Thanks again Mr Monera.
New 19-08, 21:37
if you think it not right, don't do it (y) my life lesson that I keep not listening to.
New 19-08, 20:07
yes typicaly is, lightly. this one ws flat and the can was all sucked in. didnt drink just to be safe, driving to north bay tomorow so dont need to feel like crap
New 19-08, 19:51
Not familiar with Growers. Is it supposed to be carbonated?
New 19-08, 19:46
random question, have a can of Growers Cider purchased from the LCBO on friday, no holes in can but cider is flat, no carbonation whatsoever. smells fine tasets fine. Do i Drink?
New 19-08, 17:29
OMG, horrific crash.
New 19-08, 16:41
Terrible crash at the Indy car race at Pocono. Prayers for Robert Wickens.
New 19-08, 15:52
what he do I haven;t had a change to look at new or any sort of tv for a while! But yes I like what he has done so far!
New 19-08, 15:45
Doug Ford is awesome
New 19-08, 15:11
I think I saw ur Shelby wow that’s sweet
New 19-08, 14:27
I left early, but it was an awesome show, great turnout.
New 19-08, 14:26
I got my picture taken with Doug Ford, and a autographed "Doug For the People" hat. I am complete.
New 19-08, 10:13
Enjoy Folks.
New 19-08, 08:39
New 19-08, 08:39
Dasilva Racing Sick Kid's Show August 19th 2018
New 19-08, 08:39
Dasilva Racing Sick Kid's Show August 19th 2018
New 19-08, 08:38
Dasilva Racing Sick Kid's Show August 19th 2018
New 19-08, 08:38
Good morning ya'll.
New 19-08, 08:25
Good morning TMC
New 19-08, 08:17
Can’t wait
New 19-08, 06:26
Drive safe folks and have a blast today
New 18-08, 22:30
Ya, what ZR said!
New 18-08, 22:28
Dasilva Racing Sick Kid's Show August 19th 2018
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