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New 16-08, 18:02
I saw another Fiero on the drive home. A GT this time.
New 16-08, 17:58
I do like beer.. but I also like lazy
New 16-08, 17:43
New 16-08, 17:39
hmmmm to drink beer with neighbour or sit and watch TV in AC lol
New 16-08, 16:17
New 16-08, 15:48
Girls at work thought I bought a Ferrari lol true it has a horse as a logo lol about it lol
New 16-08, 14:38
New 16-08, 14:31
you did not invite me for some dukes of hazard!
New 16-08, 14:22
I don't remember jumping the car this morning lol but was on the 401 at 5:30 this morning lol
New 16-08, 13:31
New 16-08, 11:38
RIP Aretha Franklin.
New 16-08, 10:33
New 16-08, 10:33
Hey Stevers....was that you on the 401 where construction was and jumped to paved lanes? Looked like your white stang
New 16-08, 10:21
New 16-08, 10:20
Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin.
New 16-08, 07:40
Too much info on "your shaft" buddy.
New 16-08, 07:39
need to clean up the notch, has like an inch of dust on it. Also ran over a puddle and got waterspots under the car which sucks lol may need to polish my shaft again
New 16-08, 07:38
cant wait for the show...
New 16-08, 07:18
Morning Rick, Steve, Gary
New 16-08, 07:18
Good Morning TMC!
New 16-08, 07:15
Dasilva Racing Sick Kid's Show August 19th 2018
New 16-08, 07:15
Dasilva Racing Sick Kid's Show August 19th 2018
New 16-08, 07:11
Goooooooooooooooooooood morning TMC
New 16-08, 06:37
that CC logo... wow. A child could come up with a cleaner, nicer design... The shop on Speed is the new black does some amazing things though. I also like Misfit garage lol
New 16-08, 06:37
yeah that
New 16-08, 05:44
Good Morning
New 15-08, 16:14
yah it's kinda dated - and they stick that c.c. logo on everything - if im thinking th same show!
New 15-08, 16:11
Is it me or is counting cars today’s version of pimp muh ride? Never liked what they do
New 15-08, 15:49
took everythng including brke cores
New 15-08, 15:49
when i was a kid the service centre used a place call Husky Clutch on the queensway
New 15-08, 15:48
thanks Fast Ed...wasnt sure if people stil do this stuff
New 15-08, 15:41
Or maybe call some of the parts jobbers in your area to see if they have a suggestion?
New 15-08, 15:40
If you can make it over to Bolton, Cella Auto Repair on Hwy 50 could do it ... they have a full machine shop in the back
New 15-08, 15:32
anyone know where i can get two flywheels resurfaced brampton, orangeville, shelburne areas
New 15-08, 11:44
just read the sticky before posting.
New 15-08, 11:44
not at all Rob14
New 15-08, 10:39
as a new poster here - do I need to post a min. # of posts before I can post in the Buy/Sell area?
New 15-08, 10:29
lol - have an rx7 with a 302 in it does that count
New 15-08, 10:26
did GTAMC die?
New 15-08, 10:00
there's three Fiero's in an Everett driveway (small town) all look like runners!
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