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New 20-09, 13:51
New 20-09, 12:27
Well if that is true, then cancel my order.
New 20-09, 11:09
I saw that somewhere and they showed disassembling the car to change the oil. Nuts
New 20-09, 10:06
Jesus...just reading (yes, i can read) an oil change on a Bugatti Veyron costs 20-25 thousand!!!
New 20-09, 08:34
New 20-09, 08:12
Morning everyone. Have a good one.
New 20-09, 07:56
morning everyone...
New 20-09, 07:48
Good morning TMC
New 20-09, 06:48
New 20-09, 06:09
Good morning TMC
New 19-09, 19:32
Ya it’s nicely modded but tbh dude u do have a cobra , can’t say I see them daily
New 19-09, 19:12
Wish it was me.
New 19-09, 12:33
Someone’s getting a sweet 16 , mods are worth $$ too
New 19-09, 12:17
Engine bay still looks pretty doh!
New 19-09, 12:17
Maybe, I am not one for shows anymore. too many battle scars.
New 19-09, 10:57
Looks like it's going to be a huge show.
New 19-09, 10:30
You have more details?
New 19-09, 10:18
Anyone coming out to the Ontario Mustang Club All Mustang Show this Sunday the 23rd?
New 19-09, 10:17
The suspesne is killing me, lol
New 19-09, 08:37
In the voice of Howard Cosell... this will be an interesting end to 2018 on TMC. Our great friend Rick moves onto bigger and badder things or will he stay with his Cobra. Let's wait and see.
New 19-09, 08:03
Morning everyone fingers crossed ZR new projects are always cool
New 19-09, 07:51
Impala SS with an LS6 and 6 speed
New 19-09, 07:50
We'll see how it plays out, listing comes down on the weekend regardless of sold or not.
New 19-09, 07:44
LS porsche NICE! But the '16 is sweet
New 19-09, 07:44
Also on my short list.
New 19-09, 07:41
Oh, and good morning Stephen ��
New 19-09, 07:40
Was thinking LS in an RX8 myself, maybe someday.
New 19-09, 07:39
Wow. Figured you'd have that one forever.
New 19-09, 07:36
Good morning TMC
New 19-09, 07:35
Few ideas floating around my head ranging from '16 Bill has, to ordering a new one or building an LS Porsche or keeping n building the alum Teksid block I've got.
New 19-09, 07:23
What's the deal? Bigger and better things?
New 19-09, 07:22
Good morning Rick!
New 19-09, 07:05
Good morning TMC
New 19-09, 06:59
New 19-09, 06:58
I drank almost a liter since 330am... got my work done for the most part already. I hope people at work dont mind early morning emails LOL
New 19-09, 06:38
Come out for coffee at Salem and 401 tonight. 7pm
New 19-09, 06:38
Hump day!!!!!
New 19-09, 06:37
hey all!!
New 19-09, 06:16
Good morning
New 19-09, 06:06
Hump Day!
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