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New 25-04, 08:08
Sounds good.
New 25-04, 08:00
Howdy Mav.
New 25-04, 07:52
hey Stephen
New 25-04, 07:43
Still have to get DD out to ya
New 25-04, 07:31
Good morning TMC
New 25-04, 07:28
Route car will be coming home so bring on the heavy rain n get it cleaned up.
New 25-04, 07:28
Coming back from Orillia Monday, got off at hwy 9 East over to 404, roads more white than black n usual piles of sale at most intersections all the way over to 404.
New 25-04, 07:27
Looked like heavy brine line showing from 401 exit down to Joes on Sat.
New 25-04, 07:23
not so bad here though
New 25-04, 07:23
With any luck, pick up the Cobra Thurs pm n bring home.
New 25-04, 07:22
Enjoyed cruisin back from wing night in the pouring rain, roads needed it bad.
New 25-04, 07:22
Hey Rick
New 25-04, 07:22
New 25-04, 07:22
Good morning TMC.
New 25-04, 07:03
hey the roads need cleaning... lol
New 25-04, 07:00
hey all......nice day....if your a duck!!!
New 25-04, 06:27
Good Morning TMC
New 25-04, 05:21
morning early birds
New 25-04, 05:14
Good morning
New 25-04, 05:12
Good Morning
New 24-04, 23:23
Anyone following the Alfie Evans case? If so please take the time to sign the petition to give his parents control
New 24-04, 14:17
hi all
New 24-04, 14:09
It's already a song. I just borrowed it.
New 24-04, 13:25
Needs a lot of twang.
New 24-04, 13:01
you should add some guitar to that, would make a good song.
New 24-04, 12:13
Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey. Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little frisky. Rain is a good thang!
New 24-04, 12:12
Morning every one ,, Back to work for the long haul , wont be around much .. unless it rains
New 24-04, 10:41
Rain is a good thing, many streets are still white with salt.
New 24-04, 10:41
So who wants to come sort out and tune my car for me? kthnx
New 24-04, 10:32
finally some decent weather...rain tomorrow though.
New 24-04, 10:30
hey Scrape
New 24-04, 10:23
Howdy mav.
New 24-04, 10:19
shhhhh....everyone is sleeping...
New 24-04, 09:33
morning all
New 24-04, 07:49
Morning Rick. Yes I know what you mean.
New 24-04, 07:43
New 24-04, 07:43
Feeling stunned by the events that unfolded yesterday.
New 24-04, 07:30
New 24-04, 06:57
Picking up fuel for it this week
New 24-04, 06:57
Mustang will hopefully be out in the next few weeks. Haven’t really driven it since Rick dropped it off!
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