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New 23-01, 12:21
New 23-01, 12:19
New 23-01, 12:16
good thing it's still new, otherwise it might have dents in it from trying to bash other toolboxes out of the way
New 23-01, 12:11
he will send me pics by the weekend. hes really busy
New 23-01, 12:09
thought you would like Rick
New 23-01, 11:56
Cool, pics when you can.
New 23-01, 11:51
Hey Rick and anyone, my friend(yes, i have friends) has a Dale Earnhardt Sr. tool box for sale. Never used. Dont know all details right now but he will be listing it on Kijiji soon.
New 23-01, 11:01
i blame a BIG portion of it to ignorance, but the illuminated dashes are not helping
New 23-01, 10:32
blame that on the electroluminescent clusters, DRLs, and a bit of ignorance thrown in the mix
New 23-01, 09:30
So situation normal out there.
New 23-01, 09:29
foggy, and the clueless driving around with no lights
New 23-01, 08:43
Good morning ya'll.
New 23-01, 08:41
Good foggy morning TMC
New 23-01, 07:58
Good Morning
New 23-01, 07:24
Good Morning Gary and TMC.
New 23-01, 06:51
Good Morning.
New 22-01, 18:31
New 22-01, 18:04
First drive around the neighbourhood was uneventful.
New 22-01, 15:49
New 22-01, 15:02
woah woah Celeste movin up in the world already! congrats
New 22-01, 14:35
Congrats to your daughter Celeste.
New 22-01, 14:24
New 22-01, 13:25
Excellent! Please pass along my congratulations
New 22-01, 12:45
New 22-01, 12:43
She passed!!!
New 22-01, 12:26
And yes, she will drive Ol Paint. She is already planning on coming to track day.
New 22-01, 12:25
She is writing the test right now.
New 22-01, 12:17
lol....french in me seeping out...I am....key board messed at work
New 22-01, 12:17
Ièm with SVOMACH1...both mondays and winter!!!
New 22-01, 12:15
Morning all
New 22-01, 12:03
Best of Luck to her Stephen! Maybe she be able to drive the stang around town eh
New 22-01, 11:43
best of luck to her ... that makes me feel old, I still remember meeting her when you were carrying her around!
New 22-01, 11:38
Sitting here at the Drive Test center in Orangeville with Celeste waiting for her number to be called so can write her G1.
New 22-01, 11:33
Puzzles me how seats that retail for $240 usd come out to $530 + tax here in Canada
New 22-01, 09:25
1 L of salt water and drink it within 5 minutes. Half and hour to an hour you'll cleanse very well
New 22-01, 09:12
And winter!
New 22-01, 09:12
I hate Monday’s.
New 22-01, 08:15
LOL'll clean more than your pipes...:P
New 22-01, 08:10
Morning is it Monday all day
New 22-01, 08:09
Maybe bran fibre is not the way to go :/
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