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New 17-10, 10:33
I bet if you give the union leaders some grams they will end it asap
New 17-10, 10:18
Hahahahaha.....guys on 640 are betting 2 grams that strike If they go on one) will end quick...
New 17-10, 09:24
plus the bonus is you can take the financing over at 0.99 and pay me the dif
New 17-10, 09:23
or just get her some weed.. she will be fine
New 17-10, 09:23
guns are illegal in canada.. lol you will be fine.. most we get is a hockey puck.. but we are canadian so we can stop that all day
New 17-10, 09:18
Wife would shoot
New 17-10, 09:16
found my next car need it gone lol
New 17-10, 09:16
47k takes it
New 17-10, 09:16
anyone wnat my truck
New 17-10, 08:57
New 17-10, 08:55
i never see the news just trump bullshit and other dumb crap like some guy swimmin with the fishes...
New 17-10, 08:51
Interesting thought hammerhead. Hadn't considered that.
New 17-10, 08:46
I thought the news said rotating strike...from province to province??
New 17-10, 08:29
is that full time or just when delivered - up my way it's just little old ladies working in the post office
New 17-10, 08:26
yup....they thought of it...perfectly timed ...JMO
New 17-10, 08:24
i think the post office will need armed guards...they probably didnt think of that...
New 17-10, 08:21
Smoke em if you got em!!! LOL
New 17-10, 08:20
Good morning all
New 17-10, 08:20
Morning everyone!!
New 17-10, 08:20
New 17-10, 07:52
Bullitt covered in snow this morning. Sad time of year.
New 17-10, 07:50
Good Morning Laurence, Stephen, and Sir Richard.
New 17-10, 07:38
Goooooooooooood morning ya'll.
New 17-10, 07:36
Good morning TMC
New 17-10, 07:22
Morning Gary
New 17-10, 07:21
Good Morning TMC
New 17-10, 05:15
Good Morning TMC.
New 16-10, 13:16
cool - i do car and bike work at home restoring an 85cj7 for someone with too much money...
New 16-10, 13:15
screw buy it.. give you a deal lol
New 16-10, 13:14
thanks! i wanan get onto my jeep project
New 16-10, 13:05
if i come across somebody i will let them know
New 16-10, 13:05
New 16-10, 12:42
It would get me to my calls faster
New 16-10, 12:34
selling it for pennies on the dollar really.. kinda like svomach lol
New 16-10, 12:33
just need it gone for my next project.. lol
New 16-10, 12:33
lol 2017 f150 supercrew supercharged
New 16-10, 11:49
Boosted one
New 16-10, 11:49
A nice one!!
New 16-10, 11:30
what truck are u selling
New 16-10, 11:30
i dont need a i need a life hahaha
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