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New 19-10, 16:35
Looking at getting sawalker shell but no response yet
New 19-10, 16:14
winter beater is fighting me to get fixed up. first the rotor stuck on solid, then the rust and rotted slap now the seized guide pins / order new bracket sent me wrong item in correct box
New 19-10, 16:13
ROck AUto has failed me after 13 years! LOL first time for everything. Sent me a misboxed item from cardone -_-
New 19-10, 16:12
New 19-10, 14:17
lol...there's duct tape for that...
New 19-10, 14:03
Woke up this morning wishing I was rich instead of good to washroom, looked in mirror and realized i got f****d on
New 19-10, 14:02
Well i am handy....but not rich
New 19-10, 13:08
and rich!
New 19-10, 13:07
good man...mav. - i told my girls to find someone
New 19-10, 13:03
so far at least 5 cars in line for the family some $$$
New 19-10, 12:51
yep i got a lineup waiting for me...
New 19-10, 12:28
Thanks for the support again mavrrrick!
New 19-10, 11:35
Gonna have to put mine on soon - son coming over tommorrow to have his put on.
New 19-10, 11:30
first week of winter tire season shit show almost over
New 19-10, 11:21
New 19-10, 11:18
New 19-10, 09:22
Morning all. Have a great Friday.
New 19-10, 08:39
morning everyone friday friday
New 19-10, 08:11
New 19-10, 08:11
It surely does.
New 19-10, 07:49
Morning Everyone- feels cold outside
New 19-10, 07:42
New 19-10, 07:38
Good morning Rick
New 19-10, 07:37
Morning Stephen.
New 19-10, 07:37
New 19-10, 07:37
Happy Friday TMC
New 19-10, 07:36
howdy Rick
New 19-10, 07:33
Morning Laurence.
New 19-10, 07:31
Good Morning TMC!
New 19-10, 07:31
Good Morning Gents!
New 19-10, 06:57
Good morning ya'll. Where did the week go?
New 19-10, 06:52
At lower times, I try to remember a life lesson where a patient in the same room was there to die vs I might loose a leg but would live. Nothing seems nearly as bad since, not to say I remember / reflect on it as much as I should.
New 19-10, 06:46
Ever wish you could just get a heart attack and drop the fuck dead... seems like it would be sweet relief
New 19-10, 05:13
Good Morning and Happy Friday.
New 18-10, 09:05
morning hammerhead.
New 18-10, 08:35
morning Z morning Das scrape the coffee is always better on days like today
New 18-10, 08:22
Morning all morning Scrape
New 18-10, 08:21
Morning Hammer
New 18-10, 08:19
morning everyone - a little slick over the bridges my way in the early dark hours - be carefull!!
New 18-10, 08:01
Roger that.
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