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New 22-04, 22:45
There’s one around the corner from my office on Leslie that I have been meaning to try
New 22-04, 22:27
Don, if you like jerk, you have to try Tastee George on Denison between Vic Park and Warden. Not only do they make a great jerk pork, but they also make amazing patties. I would go there at least once a week when I worked in Markham.
New 22-04, 22:15
Don, Joe told us a "story" on Saturday, had to be there kinda moment.
New 22-04, 20:23
Mmmm, jerk chicken. Had jerk bbq ribs last night (first time). Amazing!
New 22-04, 19:14
LMAO. That was funny.
New 22-04, 17:17
I "heard" of a place that specializes in it, sell Mustang stuff to.
New 22-04, 17:13
Lol, no!!
New 22-04, 17:11
Freshly choked chicken?
New 22-04, 16:59
Bbq and jerk chicken on the bbq tonight. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
New 22-04, 13:52
Howdy howdy mr.
New 22-04, 12:04
How we all doing
New 22-04, 12:04
Morning Gentz!
New 22-04, 09:33
New 22-04, 09:32
Melting quickly! Another beautiful day today. Shovelling out the car hauler to get the 2002 GT out to sell.
New 22-04, 09:31
Poor Gary.
New 22-04, 09:23
Bought skis for the Mustang yet?
New 22-04, 09:23
How is the snow standing up?
New 22-04, 09:23
Morning Gary.
New 22-04, 09:19
Good Morning Gentlemen
New 22-04, 08:46
Morning Stephen
New 22-04, 08:34
Mornin Stephen.
New 22-04, 08:31
Good morning TMC
New 22-04, 07:41
Good morning Rick
New 22-04, 06:52
Good morning Laurence
New 22-04, 06:36
good morning TMC
New 22-04, 01:18
New 21-04, 21:15
Yes sir.
New 21-04, 21:12
Good idea. (Knockonwood) Go Leafs Go
New 21-04, 21:06
Sounds good, maybe start a thread in tech.
New 21-04, 20:00
Shoot! Wish I had known that. This place had good online reviews. Now I know, Bob's is the go to. Thanks ZR. I'm going to post my alignment results and hopefully you guys can let me know what you think of the numbers
New 21-04, 18:40
Don't think I've ever heard to them. Bob's is the go to place in Scarb for most.
New 21-04, 10:26
Anyone been to Level Auto in Scarborough? Have a slight pull to tell left and thinking I should get an alignment done
New 21-04, 10:18
thats just the start of it ,lol
New 21-04, 10:18
can't make it today got too manny things going on. Big dumpdter just got dropped off
New 21-04, 09:59
Never heard of her
New 21-04, 09:11
Who is this DaSilva guy and what does he do?
New 21-04, 07:52
New 21-04, 07:51
Sounds good, see ya'll there.
New 21-04, 07:44
Meet and Greet from 1 pm to 3 pm.
New 21-04, 07:43
DaSilva Racing Open House
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