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New 07-07, 09:41
Hawt af
New 07-07, 08:20
It's going to be a cooker. I wore shorts to work just in case.
New 07-07, 08:03
Today is suppose to be the smoker of all smokers for both temp n humidity.
New 07-07, 08:03
Howdy Scrape.
New 07-07, 07:58
Good morning Rick and Laurence. Another hot one out there again.
New 07-07, 07:44
Good Morning Stephen and Rick.
New 07-07, 07:37
Good morning Stephen.
New 07-07, 07:35
Good morning TMC
New 06-07, 08:08
New 06-07, 08:07
Gotz ta run, boss is hollerin.
New 06-07, 08:07
Lotz for sale out there, good cars are few n far between.
New 06-07, 08:06
Yes... have another one locally but she’s pricey - owner has 3 cars -$$$$ no issue for them
New 06-07, 08:05
No doubt finding the right car can be a challenge.
New 06-07, 07:57
Looked at a bunch - was 99 % on one - had a buddy look at it - had a diff issue - buddy wouldn’t budge on price after that - so didn’t take it.
New 06-07, 07:55
Ready to pull the trigger on a new ride yet?
New 06-07, 07:55
Doing ok here, how about you?
New 06-07, 07:55
Good morning all - morning Mr Rick ! How you doing ?
New 06-07, 07:46
Good morning Stephen.
New 06-07, 07:46
With US so upside down right now, no doubt it's only going to get worse. Ross is still waiting on Maximum Motorsports stuff for his.
New 06-07, 07:30
Good morning TMC
New 06-07, 07:21
Even on Amazon lots of items are out of stock.
New 06-07, 07:21
lots of parts or items are getting a bit harder to get I noticed as well.
New 06-07, 07:21
Morning Laurence.
New 06-07, 07:20
howdy Rick and Suki
New 06-07, 07:11
Parts, even odd thing for daily drivers, continue to be a challenge to find right now.
New 06-07, 06:39
all good work a bit slow right now
New 06-07, 06:38
Doing well brother, everyone around you ok?
New 06-07, 06:30
mr ZR hope all is well ??
New 06-07, 06:29
G'morning Suki.
New 06-07, 06:27
morning all going to be one hot ass week!
New 06-07, 06:18
The temps were perfect last night Rick.
New 06-07, 06:17
Good morning TMC
New 05-07, 22:51
Nice evening for a cruise it was.


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