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New 20-10, 19:19
Drove the stang to work today, got a couple thumbs up on the way home. Made my day
New 20-10, 16:03
Just north of 401, in the plaza at Financial Dr / Miississauga Rd / Derry Rd. We'll be across from the Tim Hortons
New 20-10, 15:52
where abouts is it on mississauga road
New 20-10, 15:24
I'll likely be passing by Stephen ...
New 20-10, 14:08
Headed to the sled show this afternoon............BRING IT!!!!
New 20-10, 14:07
Anyone going to Mississauga Road tonight? Might be the last one of the year.
New 20-10, 12:54
Hey guys! Will there be a meet today?
New 20-10, 11:19
Yes sir it is.
New 20-10, 08:42
Howdy Rick. TGIF
New 20-10, 06:59
Good morning Gary, Stephen, Dave n Laurence.
New 20-10, 06:41
Good morning TMC!
New 20-10, 05:52
Friday, Yay!!
New 20-10, 05:49
Happy Friday TMC.
New 20-10, 05:48
Good Morning and Happy Friday!
New 19-10, 17:53
LOL uncle buck
New 19-10, 17:16
Lookin good to.
New 19-10, 17:15
Not like beating the crap outta the Cobra at TMP good but pretty damm decent.
New 19-10, 17:15
I feel better now.
New 19-10, 17:11
(y) lol it therapy to be honest with you to speak to yourself, same crap as meditation if you ask me,
New 19-10, 17:10
when I was doing my weight lost (y) I had to verbally insult myself to push harder to go further
New 19-10, 17:10
New 19-10, 17:08
No, but sometimes get pissed off and stop talking to myself for a while
New 19-10, 17:03
So when talking to yourselves, you guys get into fights?
New 19-10, 17:03
Good to know, thought I must be fawkin nutz or something.
New 19-10, 17:00
Talking to my self since the day I was born.
New 19-10, 17:00
Hellur HEllur everyone! hope we all having a great thursday evening!
New 19-10, 16:59
Hi ZR, you're not alone
New 19-10, 16:41
No doc I don't usually talk to myself................. ok except for when I actually do.
New 19-10, 16:40
Is this thing on?
New 19-10, 16:40
What shakin?
New 19-10, 16:40
Good later afternoon ya'll.
New 19-10, 13:30
Ok lunch breaks over, gotta run.
New 19-10, 09:27
Morning Laurence.
New 19-10, 09:11
Howdy Stephen and Rick
New 19-10, 08:17
And a very gooooooooooood morning to all.
New 19-10, 07:47
Good morning TMC
New 19-10, 07:31
Morning Gary, Suki and Martin
New 19-10, 07:31
Good morning TMC
New 19-10, 07:07
New 19-10, 06:52
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