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New 17-02, 21:32
yikes, keep at it
New 17-02, 12:53
Just headed out to clear off the roof of the car trailer.....again. My friends buckled last week!
New 17-02, 08:14
Good morning Rick and TMC
New 17-02, 06:35
It's Nascar Sunday Sunday Sunday from Daytona
New 16-02, 08:41
Morning Laurence
New 16-02, 08:29
Good morning Stephen, Rick and TMC.
New 16-02, 07:44
Next day or so.
New 16-02, 07:35
Morning Rick. When are you and Ross heading east?
New 16-02, 07:32
Morning Stephen.
New 16-02, 07:31
Good morning TMC


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