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New 01-04, 16:55
Hold on to your hats, it’s windy out there.
New 01-04, 13:41
Yep, the not so great white north. Spring seems far away
New 01-04, 12:31
ahhhh...north bay
New 01-04, 12:30
wheres up here?
New 01-04, 12:29
All the rain you guys had was freezing rain/snow up here
New 01-04, 12:15
anyone know how the salt is on 401 to Bowmanville?
New 01-04, 09:59
Morning! I slept like a baby, didn't hear the thunderstorm.
New 01-04, 09:57
Yup was a boomer n smasher here as well.
New 01-04, 09:57
New 01-04, 09:49
Yeah, woke me up
New 01-04, 09:43
Anyone else have a thunderstorm last night?
New 01-04, 08:21
Good morning TMC
New 01-04, 07:33
New 01-04, 07:30
Good morning TMC
New 01-04, 07:04
Good morning TMC
New 31-03, 17:28
I posted a thread in the paddock. Please let me know what you Know! : )
New 31-03, 17:26
OK ,ZR. I think there is one for the 2020's Part # BU5A-9C268-AB it's for a different ford but I think it fits the mustang up till 2020
New 31-03, 17:22
Oh! anouther thing. Is it worth buying a leaf blower to dry off my car?
New 31-03, 17:21
There doesn't seem to be anyone here right now so I'm signing off. Have a great day guys!
New 31-03, 17:20
Not as easy to dump a liquid in as you'd think. Originally thought same thing about my '20.
New 31-03, 16:50
also. Ive been trying to find a locking gas cap for my 2022. any ideas?am I the only one who's paranoid about some asshole putting something in my gas tank?
New 31-03, 16:48
Does anyone know if those photoblocdker sprays or licence plate covers acctually work?
New 31-03, 16:47
Hey everyone! How's it hanging?
New 31-03, 13:02
rain today and most of tomorrow
New 31-03, 13:02
I think since was a mild winter, they are trying to get rid all the shit they have left over
New 31-03, 13:01 effective as of tomorrow
New 31-03, 12:35
I saw Wednesday we hitting 21c !!
New 31-03, 12:09
Hey Scott! Have a good one.
New 31-03, 12:04
Morning All ,, Everyone have a Great Weekend ,, Cheers
New 31-03, 11:01
was hailing earlier.
New 31-03, 11:01
Pure rain up here in Concord
New 31-03, 10:50
New 31-03, 10:49
Yup shows rain n snow gonna happen.
New 31-03, 09:32
We getting freezing rain this morning to afternoon.
New 31-03, 09:16
We getting another storm or imaginary storm?
New 31-03, 08:24
Flippin 401 was white with salt n brine lines yesterday as well. WTF guys.
New 31-03, 08:23
Good morning ya'll.
New 31-03, 08:23
New 31-03, 07:08
Nevermind the brine. Salt all over the streets and 407
New 31-03, 07:08
Good morning TMC!
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