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New 24-05, 18:52
Pretty sure he went IRS with LS under the hood then painted it red.
New 24-05, 18:50
.............with smooth flow from start to finish.
New 24-05, 18:50
Yes my garage thread merged with what ya working on. We also added a new what ya working on section where replies are shut off. Gives posters an opportunity to choose a build n answer questions or see comments post or do a magazine style article
New 24-05, 17:43
Where is Zippy’s thread...did he sell the car for a Chevy Cruise already!?!
New 24-05, 17:42
Afternoon TMC
New 24-05, 17:30
New 24-05, 17:28
‘My Garage’ thread mergered?
New 24-05, 17:04
New 24-05, 15:55
No delete as per request from OP.
New 24-05, 15:55
He does have connections. Not sure why he’s want it gone
New 24-05, 15:54
A mod deleted it?
New 24-05, 15:44
Where did Zippy’s dech build thread go? Are my eyes that bad I can’t find it?
New 24-05, 10:40
Good Morning TMC!
New 24-05, 08:46
Good morning TMC
New 24-05, 07:14
Good morning Gary.
New 24-05, 07:00
Good Morning TMC
New 23-05, 17:41
Hi Scott.
New 23-05, 13:15
Hey Scott!
New 23-05, 10:32
Good Morning Everyone
New 23-05, 08:57
howdy Gary and Rick. I tried to plant a few money trees but unfortunately someone comes in and cuts it down.
New 23-05, 08:51
Oddly enough I think they will all fit in the trunk of the Impala!
New 23-05, 08:42
I'm heading out to plant a few dozen money trees.
New 23-05, 08:29
Good morning Folks. Heading out shortly to plant a dozen apple trees!
New 23-05, 07:39
Good morning TMC


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