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New 17-06, 12:01
New 17-06, 12:00
Good thing my Sunnubrook appointmaent is Wednesday!!
New 17-06, 11:48
Downtown is insane Don. Well over 2 million people down there
New 17-06, 08:52
yay! dowtown site visit cancelled for today due to chance of Raptors
New 17-06, 08:45
Morning Laurence and Stephen.
New 17-06, 07:37
Good morning TMC
New 17-06, 06:20
Good morning Rick, Gary and TMC. Sorry to see that golf ball dent.
New 17-06, 05:39
Good morning Gary. Heartbreaker picture of your truck, please let us know how you make out with dent repair folks.
New 17-06, 05:32
Good Morning Rick and TMC.
New 17-06, 05:10
Good morning.
New 16-06, 17:44
Yes with the right skilled tech. Watched one of the local guys pulled a couple out of my dads RR and an F150 bed.
New 16-06, 16:55
No experience but assume so, best to contact to see.
New 16-06, 16:38
Anyone know if paintless dent repair works on aluminum?
New 16-06, 11:15
Thanks same to you
New 16-06, 09:29
Happy Fathers Day to all the TMC dads.
New 16-06, 08:18
Good morning TMC and Happy Father’s Day.
New 16-06, 07:21
Morning Rick
New 16-06, 07:19
Morning Fab.
New 16-06, 07:18
Happy Fathers Day gents!
New 16-06, 06:46
Morning Gary.
New 16-06, 06:40
Good Morning and Happy Fathers Day!
New 16-06, 05:50
Happy Fathers day ya'll.


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