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New 08-12, 13:50
New 08-12, 12:23
Its just an issue with the drivers
New 08-12, 12:08
wonder if there is some issue with their light switches that make it easy for people to accidentally turn them on
New 08-12, 12:07
Not sure why but most cars that I see driving with high beams on are civics
New 08-12, 11:43
I agree with you Rick, enforce shit!
New 08-12, 11:42
Hahaha Ed, yeah, that's an all too commom occurance as well.
New 08-12, 10:58
Best one is when you yry to tell themlights are off then get told to f off.
New 08-12, 10:57
with you on dat Ed!!!
New 08-12, 10:34
Long overdue basic traffic laws are enforced vs this continuous bullshit of inventing new ones to address problems we already have a means to curb in the first place.
New 08-12, 10:34
Both are ridiculously common in Scarberia. Shitty part, lights on as the day dims has been a law forever and a day as has when and where it's ok to use high beams.
New 08-12, 10:14
I'll take that over no lights at all ...
New 08-12, 09:53
Is it just me or does it seem like tons of people are driving highways and city streets with high bemas on these days. It's fucking annoying.
New 08-12, 09:52
...and turn your FUCKING high beams OFF!!!!!
New 08-12, 09:46
What colour?
New 08-12, 09:35
I did I did I did.
New 08-12, 09:20
Not unless you traded the Ram for a Civic.
New 08-12, 09:15
You talkin to me Willis?
New 08-12, 08:59
A PSA to all the drivers out there, CLEAN THE SNOW OFF THE WINDOWS OF YOUR VEHICLE!!!!
New 08-12, 08:55
Good morning Xen, Laurence, Mav n Stephen.
New 08-12, 08:28
Good morning TMC
New 08-12, 08:16
hey all
New 08-12, 07:30
Good morning KC and TMC.
New 08-12, 06:40
New 07-12, 09:02
i hope
New 07-12, 08:59
sry 101
New 07-12, 08:52
Morning TMC
New 07-12, 08:50
108 days left
New 07-12, 08:49
Good Morning Stephen and Rick
New 07-12, 08:48
Oh and of course.............good morning TMC.
New 07-12, 08:48
Oddly enough, Cobra saw great mileage on the hwy, city not so much. The 05 is horrible no matter what.
New 07-12, 08:27
Good morning TMC
New 07-12, 08:12
LOL. Definitely not a daily.
New 07-12, 07:51
If your looking for milage, wrong car!!
New 07-12, 07:50
New 07-12, 07:29
range in the Shelby lol is that even a thing?
New 07-12, 07:29
Good morning Jeff and KC
New 07-12, 07:21
New 07-12, 07:16
good morning everyone
New 07-12, 07:14
lol...range on Shelby? no
New 07-12, 06:59
Good morning TMC.
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