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Thread: Wax recommendation

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    Elton, that Z is probably my favourite detail you've done. It's probably the combination of all the curves and I can only guess Nissan has better paint than Ford, but that car turned out like a black hole. It looks perfect.
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    Because Rayscar!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxix View Post
    Here is a fraction of the vehicle I've applied sealant or Ceramic Coating to:

    There is so much win in this post! Which ceramic coating did you use on these cars? Looks awesome!

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    It would be a mixture of Menzerna Sealants, IGL Quartz (Ceramic Coating) and Feynlabs Ceramic Plus (5 Year Ceramic Coating)
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    Wow that's amazing!

    Update: SO I didn't really add much to his kit mainly because I was over budget

    He ended up with:
    •6X CarPro 350GSM 16x16 Edgeless Towels
    •Optimum No Rinse (64oz) (I took the other 64oz)
    •2x 5gal bucket with lids
    •Grit guard insert
    •2x spray bottles (one I made a quick detail and the other a Clay lube)

    I put everything in the bucket and my wife added on some ribbons and bows and the final touch I threw a garbage bag over it! Merry Xmas.
    He ended up loving it! I'll make him a small bottle of Menzerna PowerLock. As soon as the bottles with the self cleaning tip are in stock. There still more to get but that can be from his pocket. We be looking into washes so suggestions would be awesome

    Quote Originally Posted by Toxix View Post
    Nice, considerate starter kit there for sure!
    Consider adding a car shampoo to that list if you want.
    I'd be happy to throw a sample your way of my product.
    Sorry I didn't see this post until now. If its not too much trouble I wouldn't mind a sample. No rush tho, not much I can do in -23C weather lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toxix View Post
    Applying any wax or sealant by hand is not a big deal, 845 can be a bit moody at times but thats only ever due to over-application.
    Seems like you know this already. Apply thin and apply evenly.

    I have 4x Flex Polishers probably about 150 buffing pads and I still prefer applying by hand, it just allowed me to get into the nooks crannies quickly; See my post I just made about the Winter Prep Package about my process.
    I just went through your winter post.. It's exactly what I want him to be able to do. Straight forward and quick. With this order also I bought myself HDspeed..I'm not sure if I'm just too slow or there too many steps or just out of shape, but it takes me over 14 hours to cut and polish. Not to mention the sweat and aches lol. Don't know how you do it for a living!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Toxix View Post
    Powerlock is a beast of a Sealant but I am seeing some fading in durability from time to time, depending on my client and their wash practices. I mean, you can get 1 month out of a 9 month sealant if you're not doing things properly.

    But MPL (Menzerna PowerLock) is a wicked sealant for sure.
    I have a huge bottle of the stuff. I apply it with the DA but I might try your advice and do it by hand. I usually follow up with a coat of collinite.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toxix View Post
    As for long lasting wax, there aren't very many of them out there. If you're looking for paste/liquid waxes and if your main goal is durability, then you need to go with Collinite. But I'd strongly suggest a sealant or a Ceramic Coating, I basically don't even touch waxes anymore, kinda reserve those for the cars that I know are being presented in shows and what not.
    I've been looking at P21s Carnauba Wax and P21s 100%, not liking the prices tho.

    I don't think I'm not ready for Ceramics lol


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