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Thread: Black Gold, Texas Tea I think NOT! Ideas welcome?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Agreed it is longer than the OEM 3V length. It could be configured with 8AN but based on the fact the Vortech intake elbow where the passenger hose terminates is completely dry it may not be necessary.
    If you had oil in the passenger side hose that would be really bad because it should be drawing fresh air into the motor through the passenger side. I really don’t know if the reduced size will cause any issues, but I just think of it as the crankcase ventilation system inhaling through a cocktail straw.

    Something else that might be worth looking into as a PCV valve option, is the valve used on the Thunderbird Super Coupe. I’ve heard that the OEM Motorcraft valve for this application has a built in check valve. I haven’t confirmed this but it might be worth checking into.

    Crankcase ventilation air path
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    Got one of the smaller version check valves in my hand, hole size / restriction it should ad, likely be able to do away with the pcv using one.

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