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Thread: Ford Mustang Gauge Instrument Cluster Repair Service 2005 - 2009

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    Ford Mustang Gauge Instrument Cluster Repair Service 2005 - 2009

    Hello everyone,

    Names Shan, been doing electronic repairs for the 20+ years and have an amazing record of keeping all my customers happy.

    The 05 to 09 Mustangs were prone to having cluster failure where the gauges would stop in the wrong part of the sweep or just completely dead showing your speed of 100km/h while you were not even moving or you're gas gauge would state you're overfilled (gauge failing to return to 0 when you key off)

    A common issue is the stepper motor get weak and are no longer able to calibrate them selfs when they sweep over and return back to point A

    My service and solution offer the replacement of all gauges with either 4 or 6 stepper motors.

    Let's cut to the chase!

    4 gauge repair - $120
    6 gauge repair $140

    I always suggest replacing all stepper motors at the same time, as 1 fails the others are short to follow, kind of like your car components if your left wheel bearing is about to go, more likely you want to save on labor and do both the left
    and the right at the same time

    I do this service straight out of my home and I depend on customer service to keep my service alive!

    Unlike my competitors, I remove all the old material and melt new solder to avoid having cold solder joints leading to issues in the future!
    High-quality flux to make sure its soldered properly!

    I update all my customer via pictures of my progress, most turn around time is about 2-3 hours including installing it in my own Mustang and driving around 20-30km to verify functionality as the speedo takes the longest time to calibrate.

    I would love to have your ride sit outside my home for my turn around time. But best to leave your ride at your place and bring it here as I live in a quiet courtyard and they have enough loud noises from my own vehicle! lol

    I do not keep your car, best to remove the cluster and bring it to me or I can pick it up and deliver it for an additional $20 within the GTA.

    Let get ready!

    Some other shop attempted to repair it and burn some circuits and left flux residue everywhere

    Another shot of this blob soldering job

    My repair

    Cone line finish to solder joints!
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