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Thread: Ford vs Ford

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    At my home.

    Ford vs Ford

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    Wow.... donít know what to say!!🤦*♂️

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    What. Couple hundred for a parking ticket or thousands in repairs? Unless it a repo

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    Been there n done that few years ago while driving tow truck. OPP call me out, dude got himself a 24hr suspension for drinking, way it works, have to pick up lic at the stn in 24hrs and your car gets towed to your home. Think the flat fee was like $80 or $100 at the time. Anywho, arrive on scene n hook up, officer gives me paperwork and the owner jumps into my truck, all is good till I just go to pull away and guy says he forgot his phone in the front seat of his car n jumps out to retrieve. Next thing I know, fires the car up and jumps up n outta the pans ripping his bumper cover off n doing huge damage to front of his car n books it East bound on the 401. Call OPP who head straight to his address in Whitby, few minutes later, they call me to come and tow his car. So now, dudes under arrest n facing multiple charges, all but new car has sustained huge damage and is on it's way to impound. All this shiat storm headed his way all because of a cheap tow and taxi ride to retrieve his lic the next day.
    Can you say dumb ass.

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