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Thread: Work has begun on the Nissan

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZR View Post
    How does it run now?
    Getting better all the time. Still some tweaking to do. We also have not tuned for a full out boost run.
    The new ECM will allow 2 bar in boost, I do have a sensor that will allow 3 bar, but I think that is too much....both for me and the motor.

    A/F is now about 14 compared to the 9, or worse, from before. No more black back bumper after short drives.

    It idles nicely now, still a little high. Changing to MAP from MAF has made a big difference in the idling. The main reason for the stumbling at idle is the dual intake. There was only one MAF sensor, which meant you had to trick the computer into believing more air was going in than it actually sensed. No more dying out coming to a stop.
    Anxious to test the upper boost loads. We have a few days in Missouri to tune for that.

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    Nice Z. That generation is such a good looking design.

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    Cool car

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