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Thread: 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: More Details on Its 700+HP Engine

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    Here is the non Track package edition for those who are wondering what it looks like. Thanks pwrab for sharing the photos.

    Photo 2019-07-11, 12 04 26 PM.jpg
    Photo 2019-07-11, 12 04 28 PM.jpg

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    Yeah, it was funny. I was freaking out asking the wife to start snapping pictures. She’s wondering what’s the big deal it was “just a couple of Mustangs.”
    Very cool to see them on the road!

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    for those who state the rumour about HP is correct...
    The gt500 - 2020 actually makes 790rwhp and 690tq :P
    I said nothing, the engine will be able to produce well over 1000-1100 with simple pulley/e85/racefuel

    And as we know the potential is only up who is willing to push it. but since the gt350 made 1300 with a twin turbo setup, I can only imagine what the gt500 with better rods and crank will do (y)
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