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Thread: 50th Anniversary Challenger Scatpack

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    Mar 2014
    I absolutely love wide body Challengers, if money (and space) were not a factor I would definitely have one parked next to my Mustang. Dodge has done such a great job revising this car and the wide body is the final piece for me.

    It would make a great cruiser/drag racer/burnout machine and that’s all awesome! The only problem I would have (especially with the supercharged models) is not pretending I am John Force every time I have a piece of open tarmac in front of me! LOL

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    Mar 2014
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    Oddly enough, Challenger was on my radar in a big way. Had the opportunity to drive a couple of them in the last few months, while find them nice cars, most definitely not the right fit for me.

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