Looking to make some changes to my stable this year so offering the Cobra up for sale. List of mods are pretty much the same and yes it comes on new wheels n tires installed last week (track wheels are not included), car just turned 61k on the way back from storage. If your looking for a garage queen 61k car, this ain't it. If your looking for an extremely well sorted Cobra with nothing but high quality mods, might be time to slide your butt into the drivers seat of this one. Car is fast, handles n drives like no other Cobra you've ever been in + dead nutz reliable. Combo of cooling system n heat exchanger mods plus external oil cooler, car runs cool cool cool no matter the outside temps, no matter how hard it's pushed. Has good street manners, does an equally good job on the road course as well.

Price is $35,000.

Sorry, price is not flexible / will not entertain any offers / will not sell or trade any parts off it. Don't need any help selling nor am I interested in hearing stories about what you can buy one for in the US, those cars don't exist, especially with this kinda mod list.
Will consider taking an S550 hard top stick on trade with preference towards one with Track Pack and Recaro's. Guess it makes sense, owned a couple of Foxes, had three Cobra's, have an S197 coming in a couple of weeks so adding an S550 into the mix would bring me up to date. Once I get my hands on one, watch for us installing the entire Full Tilt Boogie catalog under it plus set of crazy ass coilovers + super sticky track meats. Project will be geared towards a max effort but streetable track biotch with NA engine mods.

Lots of pictures + full list of mods in link below.