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Thread: 1987 notchback "project divorce" testing the waters...

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    1987 5.0 Notch - lots of goodies

    This is an 1987 notchback, resprayed back in 1999 and now has 114,000km on the dial. Interior is mint, underside is pretty damn clean too. Paint has flaws and a dent on the roof though. Body isn't immaculate, I'd say is worth around 15k as a stock notch. The good news is it's not stock...

    No longer has this hood and tops of fenders now have 2014 GT vents.

    Asking 21k OBO

    Ad: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details...dId=1514866905

    Trickflow 170cc TW heads with TFS roller rockers and hardened pushrods bolted down with ARP bolts
    Trickflow track heat intake with 75mm TB, spacer and MAF
    24 pound injectors
    MAF conversion done (no codes)
    New TAB/TAD solenoids - smog restored
    Trickflow stage 1 cam
    MSD coil (wow big power adder there... worth mentionning right?)
    BBK long-tube headers
    BBK catted X-pipe
    Pypes M80 bomb cat-back system
    Engine fully detailed and all smog 100% - no computer codes
    Forgot which clutch is in there but not stock at all
    Aluminum radiator
    Electric fan (on proper 70amp circuit and thermostatic switch)
    Aluminum driveshaft
    Geared 4.10, installed at Dasilva
    I'm told I have a Z-spec T5 based on first gear ratio
    Max Motorsports tubular K-member and brace
    Max Motorsports strut tower brace
    Max Motorsports CC plates
    Max Motorsports adjustable rear lower control arms (with Eibach sportline springs)
    Max Motorsports front coil over kit (forgot the spring rate)
    Bilstein front struts to match the coil over kit (cost me over $1000, shipped from the UK at the time lol)
    Max Motorsports brake lines and the rear disc conversion kit as well
    Ford Mustang Cobra front brake kit (calipers with the Cobra logo)
    Rear Cobra brakes as well (vented discs) and 93 Cobra e-brake cables
    Eibach front and rear sway bars
    Shorter SN95 link kit
    Steeda bumpsteer kit (could use the bolt-through setup from Max Motorsports tho)
    18x8 Empire wheels (they get compliments all the time) with 245's in front and 275's in back (rear fenders are rolled) Tires may be 4 years old by now.
    Battery is in the trunk with cut-off switch, large fuse and in a metal Tylor box
    12" sub, amp and cheap chinese head unit
    Wire tucked up front complete with remote battery posts
    Interior restored, new seat upholstery done by TrimTech Interiors (as well as headliner and custom door inserts to match)
    Now has a ram air hood from Kareen (fitment is stupid awesome, I'd say better than stock to be honest) and weighs less than 10 pounds
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    Put up a kijiji ad (Lord help me)... Price drop to 21k OBO. I think it's good value, one could pretty much up part it and make their money back.

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    SOLD!! Deposit accepted.

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