With more and more members getting into the Coyote Mustang one mod that is imo the "best bang for your buck" is a custom tune from Lund Racing.

Lund Racing Custom Tunes are created specific to your vehicle based on your exact modifications. This makes their tunes much more than just a typical "canned" tune. Lund Racing has been setting the standard in Ford tuning for many years in the past and for many years to come. The Safety and Performance Review is included with the purchase of a mail order tune or datalog review/tune revision for up to 6 months after date of receiving the tune(s).

Lund Racing spends a lot of time at the race track testing their custom tuning skills so that their customers get the best results for their Mustang. When it comes to Mustang custom tuning nobody comes close to Lund Racing and their records at the drag strip proves it and so do their thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

Contact me any time to discuss a custom tune for your Mustang GT/Boss, GT500 or F-150.