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Thread: Zippy's 98

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    Mar 2014
    Tis the season of upgrades

    Had some time one afternoon this week and got to work on the Dech trying to get it all ready for track day.
    On the list today was...
    New Fluidyne rad
    New Harpell Auto Fab Power Steering Tank
    Oil Change
    Grease it
    Try on new wheels and pray they still clear.

    First up was the rad, it was a pretty straight forward install. Had to do some AC line bending and moving to get it to fit... but overall went pretty good. Fits nice. Looks nice.
    I thought as I am going to be upgrading to more power (the cams) replacing the original rad with an upgraded one is probably a good idea... and well... it looks sweet lol.


    Secondly was the Power steering tank. This is made by Harpell Auto Fab in Calgary area. Great high high quality piece.
    It's baffled inside and really just looks cool.

    98 GT - Bright Atlantic Blue 'Dech'

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    Mar 2014
    Next up was mating my new track wheels and rubber together.
    Shout out to Joy City Tire for getting me in right away. They said they balanced up really really well and had to use very little weight to get them into where they need to be.
    We've also put aluminum tape on the wheel weights to make sure they will not kick a weight while on track.
    THEY LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really happy with how they look and I'm really excited to see how they perform on the track. Taking 10lbs + a corner off the car should feel amazing.
    Just a reminder, these are 18x9 +30 Fast FC04 with Nankang AR1 275/35/18.
    And for those interested, no spacers or machining of the wheel or any funny business to get them to clear my brakes.
    You can also see from the last photo, this combo has ZERO poke. I know I'm running a very aggressive camber, but I bet with stock alignment the wheels would fit perfectly.
    I'm almost tempted to buy a 18x10/11 for the back and run a set of these all the time... however I really really enjoy the chrome SVT wheels.

    Up next on the to do list is to get the Diff in and I'll be all set for track day.
    Also also! I am going to be attempting to polish my car. The poor thing hasn't been waxed or polished in probably 15+years or more. Time to get the paint up to snuff with the rest of the car.
    More on Zippy's detailing adventure soon!


    98 GT - Bright Atlantic Blue 'Dech'

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    Mar 2014
    I snuck the DECH in yesterday evening and got the new diff installed. Man O man is it sexy looking. I forgot to take a picture of course!
    Along with the diff I found a Ford racing cover someone had bought but never put on and picked it up for a smoking deal!
    Drove it around the block and seems good, car feels lighter on its feet. Excited to see how different it feels at the track!

    One of these days I'll get around to taking the diff back out and cleaning/painting it... I think I'll worry about the topside before the bottom lol.
    Hope to try my hand at polishing it this weekend or next.

    Track Day June 9th... the DECH is ready...


    98 GT - Bright Atlantic Blue 'Dech'

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    Mar 2014
    First Track day of 2022!

    As many of you know, we had our first track day last Thursday, June 9th! I finally got to test out my new diff & my much bigger tire & wheel combo.
    Man O man what a difference. The car's handling attributes really changed with the new diff. I now have a bit too much understeer on throttle as I am no longer spinning the inside tire on exit. Really noticed the understeer in T1. I am going to play around with the shock settings next time out to try and get it to rotate a bit better coming off the corner. All in all the car felt much more composed and honestly even easier to drive. I am finally getting use to how much brakes I have and I'm not over slowing the car as much into T1 & T2. Baby steps.

    I also had my first major lockup in the car. Early in the morning I was on my street tires... in the first session it started to just spit rain... was fine for a few laps... then all of a sudden a cloud burst going into T1... Its like all of a sudden the car was on ice, had to stand on the brakes and I locked all 4 tires up! Thankfully I was able to keep it out of the grass... apparently it made for a good smoke show from the pits LOL (p.s. I meant to do that, )

    In terms of lap time, my old personal best was a 1.23.8 last October in 18C weather.
    I am now able to do mid 1.23's pretty comfortably and setting a new personal best time around TMP @ 1.22.6xx. 1.2seconds faster then last year... I'll take it.
    I think the biggest thing the diff & tires have done is make me super consistent. Viewing my times, if not caught in traffic, I am within 2-3tenths per lap everylap... which is pretty good in my books.

    The next mods I am looking to do is install the Maximum Motorsports Pan Hard bar & remove the poorly installed subframe connectors (done by another shop) and install Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors. I also would like to put our bumpsteer gauge on it and get that dialed in 100%.
    Now that I have even more grip from the bigger tires, I can feel the rear end of the car moving left and right under hard cornering. The pan hard bar should due the trick.

    All in all I'm really happy with the progress I've made. Just need to keep practicing and inching up on it.
    Big thanks to my dad (ZR) as always for helping me figure out what to do and helping me get it ready to run each track day.

    Here some photo's of the car at Track day and some pics of my laptimes.


    98 GT - Bright Atlantic Blue 'Dech'

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