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Thread: Zippy's 98

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    Congrats Ross, you were freakin smoking it around the track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZR View Post
    Congrats Ross, you were freakin smoking it around the track.
    Yes he was, and I was fortunate enough to be in the right seat for a few laps. Impressive is not a strong enough word to describe the driver and the car. Well done Ross..

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    DECH is all ready for storage. Swapped over the race brakes to my street brakes... found I torched the seals on my caddy calipers. Not bad for 3yrs of use. Will source those over the winter and rebuild them next year. Going to also order another set of pads for my race brakes to have for next year.

    The car was great to me this year. Zero problems at all. I drove it the most I ever have. Drove it everyday to school for almost 2months while the Elantra was still in storage.
    For next year, the plan is to do the following...

    Panhard & Cams
    - Hoping the panhard gets the rear stability I am after in the rear now that I am pushing it alot harder. The back is not as 'connected' to the track as I want it to be. With some more security, I think I'll be able to throw it in harder and get my apex speed's up.
    - I still have the stage 2 MHS cams sitting here with GT500 followers and TFS Lash adjusters. I am hoping to be in the 310~ range to the tire next year (currently 284).
    I am hitting about 166-169/170 entering T1 @ TMP... maybe hit 175-180 with the cams? That will be amazing to have.

    I am currently slightly rubbing the rear tires on the tail pipes when at the track. I think I am moving the rear end so far that the tire is then hitting it. Probably once the panhard is in, this problem will be solved, however, if it's still happening, I have some spacers here I am going to install. I am also thinking by adding width to the track, this will also aid in my search for some rear stability.

    Delrin Front Control arm bushings
    I bought a set of delrin bushings for the front MM arms. I currently have the urethane. Not unhappy with the urethane, but I'd like to take the next step into making it more a 'dedicated' track car.


    Dad and I have roughly set bumpsteer but have yet to put a gauge on it. I would like to dial this in for next year. Every ounce of stability we can add in brake zones will help it. With the toe at zero, it still moves around in the brake zone more then I would like it to, setting up the bumpsteer to as close to zero as possible would be ideal.

    I am going to do all the fluids, trans, brake, diff for next year. I have yet to boil over the brakes using the ATE Brake fluid but I think it's time to change the fluids.

    Rear Sway bar
    I am currently in search for a aftermarket rear sway bar. I would like to have one just to have. It's super easy to change and small enough to take with me to the track. Be interesting to swap it in and out at a track day to see how the car reacts to it. PM me if you got one kicking around, H&R, Eibach or Steeda. Thanks!!

    RaceBox Laptimer
    I am currently looking into buying a more serious laptimer for next year. I would like to have something with a better GPS signal then my phone. I also would like something that I can watch my delta. It's very helpful in a sim setting to see if taking another line is faster then another. Racebox looks to be new on the market, they make a price point laptimer/telemetry device. I believe it's $350cdn on amazon. Other laptimers such as Aimsolo 2 are closer to the $1,000 mark. Still watching reviews before I pull the trigger.

    The goal next year is to be in the sub 1.20's at TMP with a new goal of a 1:18:xxx for next year. Probably out of reach... but I also thought a 1.20 was out of reach.
    Till next year


    98 GT - Bright Atlantic Blue 'Dech'

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