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Thread: Algonquin Fall Colours Cruise - October 2nd 2016

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    Algonquin Fall Colours Cruise - October 2nd 2016

    Algonquin Park Fall Colours Tour - 2016
    SUNDAY October 2nd 2016 – 8:00am (Lindsay, ON)

    The scenery is amazing, the roads are fun to drive and the few stops we do make are fun too. Plus, no car/bike enthusiast should miss an opportunity to drive on the Elephant Lake Road with its near 40kms of non-stop, rollercoaster ride fun!

    Note: this is a LONG cruise - door to door for me (in Aurora) is over 600kms so trailer queens need not apply. It is also a rain or shine event!

    2013 Route/Stops:
    The route we use offers easy access from Toronto (via Hwy #35 up through Lindsay) or access from Hwy#400 (via Hwy12/48 to Coboconk). We will be departing around 8:30am:

    - North on Hwy#35 from Lindsay to Dorset
    - Stop at the Dorset Fire Tower for a washroom break and to climb the tower and see the views
    - East on Hwy#60 through the Park to the East Gates in Whitney
    - Gas & Lunch stop at the Mad Masher in Whitney
    - South on Hwy#127 to Maynooth
    - Elephant Lake Road to the bottom tip of the Park then south to Harcourt
    - West on Hwy#648 to Wilberforce then Hwy#503 to Gooderham
    - South on Hwys #507/36/8 through Bobcaygeon and into Fenelon Falls
    - Stop at Tim Hortons beside the lift-locks in Fenelon Falls

    We typically hit the Tim Horton's and gas station in Fenelon Falls around 4pm and split up from there. Depending on where you need to go from Fenelon it'd be another hour or two. It is 1hr from Fenelon to Aurora for me and about 1hr from Fenelon to the 401 in Bowmanville on Hwy#35.

    Note: this older cruise map shows the route going south of Sturgeon Lake to head to Lindsay but the 2016 route will go north of the lake to have the rest stop in Fenelon Falls.

    We will start from Lindsay at 8:30am - its a long trip so it calls for an early start. Since people are spread out across the GTA and beyond it is tricky to meet closer to the city – I come across from Aurora, some may come from Barrie, others from parts east like Oshawa so Lindsay works. This also keeps most of the driving on country roads vs meeting on the 400 and heading to Huntsville along the highway. We will meet on the access road in the parking lot that runs behind Polito Ford at Hwy#35, west of Downtown Lindsay.

    Each year some people will join us as we roll through Norland if this is easier for you than coming down to Lindsay. We go through Norland around 9:15-9:30am. Be early and be ready, there is nowhere for the group to stop so if you’re going to join in Norland, just join the pack as we go past.

    The Dorset fire tower is about 1 hr from Norland so we'd be getting there at about 10:45am. Note: there is a fee for going into the tower parking lot of $5 per car. Please bring cash.

    Whitney is about 1hr from Dorset, so if we break for 30mins at the tower, we'll be stopping for lunch at about 12:30pm or so at the Mad Musher. Lunch will be about 1hr long give or take plus a gas stop across the road.

    Like the last few years we will have a private room booked at the restaurant and the food will be ready and waiting for us when we arrive. A decent buffet spread, sandwiches, roasted chicken, salads, desserts, drinks etc. $20 per person includes tax and tip.


    The afternoon run from the lunch stop to Fenelon Falls is quite long, about 250km so about 3 hours. There are not too many towns or places to stop a large convoy so PLEASE USE THE WASHROOM AT THE RESTAURANT AT LUNCH. The roads are spectacular so it is well worth it. There is gas in Fenelon Falls across from the Tim Horton's, but again, NO 94 octane.

    Other stuff:
    - bring walkie-talkies and tune them to Ch.5.0
    - there is a $5 cash charge at the Dorset Fire Tower
    - pack octane boost if needed, there are NO PetroCan94’s on this route
    - PM me before Sunday if you want my contact number if you think you'll need to reach me
    - all cars/bikes are welcome
    - this is not a race and nobody wants to be chasing to keep up so ...
    - the lead car will be keeping the pace under 100kms when on the highways
    - it is a massive route so weather can change as we go - this is a rain or shine event
    - bring a camera, the scenery will be spectacular, especially from the top of the Dorset tower

    What: Great cruise, lots of fun
    When: Sunday October 2nd, meeting at 8:00am
    Where: starts at the Rona behind (north of) Polito Ford just outside Lindsay
    Who: Anyone that wants to come along - any kind of car/bike welcome
    Why: Good excuse to drive the Elephant Lake Road

    So, who's IN ??

    Please only post that you’re coming IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO COME, even if it rains. And post if you’ll have any passengers or other cars with you. I need an accurate head count for the restaurant in advance. This is very important to ensure the success of the cruise. Thanks.
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