A proper update to my thread and what is going on with the DECH.
Ever since I've bought the car, on a cold cold start (if I havn't started it in acouple of weeks) it makes a pretty good noise under the hood. Sounds like the chains are slapping the front cover.
ZR and I have narrowed it down to it probably being the Primary tensioners losing prime. The ladder of it is most likely broken or just aged from sitting.
The car sat for years at a time without being started, not ideal.
Anyways, I havn't started it since I've picked it up from storage as the likely hood of it jumping the timing chain is pretty real.

The parts from MMR finally hit my doorstep today...
I went ahead and bought the upgraded Iron ones. My year motor most likely has the plastic tensioners.
It'll be a lot of work to change them... but rather be safe then sorry.
Motor's are way too expensive these days to risk it.
Hopefully in the next 1-3weeks we can get to it. Roads are a mess right now anyways and the track isn't even open.

444877 (1).jpg

Have some visual upgrades and some performance upgrades that I'll be doing at the same time.
Planning to have the Valve covers & Cold Air Hydrodipped at the same time.
Also have the MM Strut Tower Brace to go on aswell as a new Upper Plem from Accufab to install.
Here's of what I'm hoping the Valve covers will look like. Carbon Fibre

download (1).jpg