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Thread: The 2024 Saleen 302 White Label.

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    The 2024 Saleen 302 White Label.


    Saleen was not going to miss the opportunity to tune up the 2024 Ford Mustang S650 before the end of the year. So here is the Saleen White Label, with extra oomph compared to the GT and looks to match.
    The tuning house warned us back in April that the S650 White Label was coming with a render that previewed the upcoming model. So here it is, the 2024 Saleen 302 White Label, making its official debut based on the new-generation Ford Mustang.

    The tuner worked on the aerodynamics in an attempt to optimize the airflow. A new front fascia shows up now, featuring an aerodynamic splitter and an air dam that also brings along downforce. There is a new vent up on the hood, which helps the 5.0-liter V8 breathe, along with a new axial grille and a rear wing that is also for downforce. Saleen developed the entire aero package in the wind tunnel.

    The Saleen 302 White Label retains the stock 5.0-liter V8 engine but with some extra oomph compared to the GT version, which sports 480 horsepower (493 PS) and 418 lb-ft (567 Nm). The tuner took it all the way to 510 horsepower (517 PS).

    The company’s Gen 5 Racecraft suspension, bigger brakes to keep up with the extra horsepower, specifically designed wheels, and new Continental tires are part of the plan. Saleen also upgraded the cabin, fitting their instrument binnacle frames for the Mustang’s new displays, along with a passenger grab handle, just in case…

    The all-new 302 White Label starts at $58,800. But Saleen has just started working on the new-generation Mustang. So we should expect more to come soon. A Yellow Label with 745 horsepower (755 PS) and a range-topping Black Label with as much as 800 horsepower (811 PS) will follow suit.

    All Mustangs will get the latest Racecraft suspension, improved aerodynamics and braking, plus an upgraded cabin. All of them will be available as both coupes and convertibles.

    Saleen Automotive was founded in 1983 by former racing driver Steve Saleen. He has shown a passion for Porsche and Ford Mustang for decades, so his work now reflects enthusiasm. The all-new Mustang 302 White Label based on the S650 comes in the company’s anniversary year. The car also celebrates the Mustang’s 59th birthday, April 17, 1964. The Saleen 302 White Label was unveiled at America’s Car Museum, and the event was live on social media. The model makes public debut at the Seattle International Auto Show. People rushed in to say that this was how the production model should have looked.

    Months before revealing the S650 Mustang, Ford warned tuning houses that the new model would be harder to tune because it is built on an encrypted electronic architecture, which will simply keep tuners locked out. It looks like more and more of them have found the key.

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    First good looking Saleen car in a long long time.
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    Looks decent other than that hood vent....is it held on with crappy adhesive or something? Just doesn't appear to fit right.
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    The fitment on that horrible rear wing is completely unacceptable and the leather seats look like cheap Amazon seat covers.

    Everything about Saleen is so shady that I can’t bring myself to take them seriously. The last Saleen I really liked was the sn95 and new edge models. After that I have not seen them as a serious player in the Mustang marketplace. Personally, since the s197 onward I prefer the factory editions and the Roush offerings.

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    +1 on the above, not for me either.

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