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Thread: 69 Roadrunner SO close now

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    Oh the memories….

    I can remember being a kid (early 80s) in the back seat with my grandfather and my dad driving with my grandmother up front.
    Anytime someone would attempt to pass him my grandmother would say in Italian “Don’t let him pass you”.
    My dad would drop from 4th to 3rd and disappear…they always got the hit…I don’t remember him ever losing a roll race lol.
    My grandfather and I would just chuckle in the rear.

    That was one of the primary reasons my dad bought a B-body in 1969….his parents were both in Canada (Toronto) and didn’t drive and he would have to drive them around. He wanted a 2dr and the Runner was bigger, more comfortable and easier to get into the rear seat VS a Mustang or Camaro.

    Another memory I’ll share is when my dad would occasionally drop my sister and I off at elementary school.
    I would get out of that front seat feeling like a rock star trying not to smile but wanting everyone to see lol.
    I realized at a very young age my dad had a cooler car verses nearly everyone else!
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