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New 21-06, 18:26
So there was a huge puff of smoke north of me a little bit ago. Looked like something caught fire. Now the power is out.
New 21-06, 08:46
howdy gents.
New 21-06, 08:32
Your ok for a Coyote guy ya know.
New 21-06, 08:07
good seeing you and Ross on Friday, thanks again!
New 21-06, 08:06
Morning Rick and TMC
New 21-06, 07:42
Good morning TMC peeps.
New 21-06, 07:25
Good morning TMC
New 21-06, 06:37
Morning TMC
New 21-06, 05:40
Good morning xen and TMC.
New 21-06, 05:20
New 20-06, 08:45
Good seeing you Fab
New 20-06, 08:12
Happy Father’s Day to all the TMC dads!
New 20-06, 07:23
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.
New 20-06, 05:13
Good morning Rick and xen. Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there!
New 20-06, 04:57
morning to you and all the dads out there happy Father’s Day. I’m not a dad. I won’t be getting gifts today
New 20-06, 04:56
Nah not too early
New 20-06, 04:06
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there.
New 20-06, 04:05
Too early for good morning?


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